"How did you end up here ?" We often are asked this question, apparantly "changing course" is appealing to people. Many think about it, dream about it .... and we just did it!
After many years of work experience in the hospitality industry (Chris, 1953, hotel manager) and business services (Hellen, 1959, PR & promotion, management assistant), we have found the ideal place in Catalonia to live and work.


In 2013 we moved into a large country house in the village of Caldes de Malavella, where after major renovation we started and created our successful MAS CALDES bed and breakfast / turism rural. Living at this place was the next major step in our lives and
we enjoyed evry minute of it. So many new encounters, meeting people with their special lives and stories.


After 6 years of hard work, it somewhere started to tickle again. A new location, a new concept, new coordinates ...
would we do it again? When we were presented with this beautiful house in this great location, the decision was easy:
villa CAN FONZO in the luxury urbanization Can Carbonell, municipality of Caldes de Malavella, became our next destination.
In the meantime, we have welcomed loyal guests from the MAS CALDES-period to this dream spot and also new guests have found their way to villa CAN FONZO guesthouse.

Thanks to our rich experience in hospitality we recognize the wishes of our guests, we value their privacy but also like
to have good conversations. And of course pleasure and professional service are our top priority.
We love nature and that is why we feel completely at home in this region, where there is so much to discover.
We also think it is important to have a good night out and have a tasteful meal; that also is well represented in the many restaurants


We would very much would like to welcome you at villa CAN FONZO guesthouse, hasta luego !

Hellen & Chris Deyll
& Happy, ower darling (golden retriever, born January 2016)